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Cheap Travel Supermarket Holidays review: Here on this review we will look to the famous holiday comparison site : Travelsupermarket.

So now, First things first. The website design and layout appeared very simple and calm. It had this nice yellow theme that reminds you of the summer, that is, the holiday season. Then, the rest of it is the usual stuff, popular destinations, popular deals, the holiday planner tool, et cetera


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Now what makes them different is that they have these articles name ‘Guides’ to help you select better deals, how to use the website, tips and suggestion on flights, hotels, rentals and so on. On the topmost left, they have a heading, saying ”Silver Winner- British 2013 Travel Awards”, much popular, huh?
Besides, they have the page title on the browser as “Compare 1000s of cheap holidays”. You got that. So we are heading straight into the cheap holidays section. Well, there’s no dedicated section for cheap holidays, so we check with the late deals, out next bait. They have Marrakech, starting from 125. Hmm, not that cheap if you ask me, but when we see what they’re providing for the the charges. And we were redirected to Low Cost holidays (
Now this was the home page, rather than being the page we were looking for. I mean, the Marrakech holiday. So now we got the basic idea that Travel Supermarket was more like an agent that played the host to all of it’s affiliates. This wasn’t a deal breaker though. This meant that you get a larger number of deals from different operators around the world and at competitive prices. But the matter of concern here was that hassles may appear in the booking and cancellation process. Both of them might take considerably longer duration. They have also got Villa holidays booking covered. Now for a lot of people, the cheaper the services, the better it was. It wasn’t much of a concern if the holiday was to be planned 2 weeks prior to the tour. But what you get in the trade in is a wider variety of locations, wider span of resorts and hotels, and not to forget, at competitive prices. So Travel Super market seemed one of the best tour planners to us.

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