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 LowCost Holidays: According to the CNN report, 5 destinations have been categorized in cheapest holiday destinations. These five destinations are, Mexico, Thailand, Burma, Greece and Egypt. Spain also, is counted among the cheapest holiday destinations by CNN and is considered to be similar to Greece. We will give you a brief description of all these destinations in order to help you choose your next holiday destination.


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Mexico, is a federal constitutional republic in North America.Mexico reports the 23rd highest tourism based income in the world and the highest in Latin America. Mexico is ranked 7th major destination for foreigner visitors, according to WTO. Its weather is warm. It has almost everything perfect for a holiday like museums, pyramids, arts and archeology, unique food. There are more than 450 beaches in Mexico, beaches with the lush jungles, deserts, with ancient remains or full of contemporary art. Mexico is rich in culture and has world heritage cities in it. Its architecture, historical places makes it a must visit place, especially if you love art and history.

Asia has the most romantic Low Cost Holiday destinations in the world . Thailand, being one of them. Thailand's specialty is its beaches. With the natural beauty of beaches, it has an amazing night life, beach parties. It offers fun be it diving with whale sharks in Ko Tao, scaling the sea cliffs of Krabi or learning to Kiteboard in Hua Hin. Thailand has peaceful underground cave shrines in Kanchanaburi and Petchaburi. All over, a holiday in Thailand may not cost you much but it will give you a promising holiday.

Greece, is a country located in Southern Europe. It has an ancient culture influencing arts, language, politics, philosophy.Greece is ranked among the world's  top 20 countries of the most popular tourist destinations. It has mountains, lush forests, beaches that give you a lot of adventure and fun. Its night life is enjoyed by many visitors. With white washed homes and blue domed churches, its architecture is beyond.  Previously, it was mostly visited by the Europeans but now it has tourists from all over the world.

Burma, is a traditional country that has just changed a bit despite being a British colony in the past.You will see its people wearing their traditional clothes, the less are they influenced by the west. Burma is a part of Asia. Myanmar, Burma with a civilization that's more than 2,500 years old is a magical and mysterious land with amazing temple architecture set in sublime landscapes. Its culture attracts the tourists worldwide. Its people are friendly, pretty much willing to share their culture with people. It is a jewel that was not noticed by the world for long, but now it has become one of the rising tourist spots.

Egypt, is located in the north-eastern Africa. Cairo is the capital and the largest city of Egypt. Egypt is famous for its ancient civilization and attracts the West, most. Its temples, churches, above all the famous Pyramids is the reason for its increasing tourism. The Nile, the minarets, no place has the magic and pleasures of Egypt.

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