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Brazil Holidays : Amazon basin:
 The Amazon basin is an enormous valley in the north-west of the country. It was once part of a large inland sea. Most of the region is less than 2 5 0 m high and much is below sea level. Rainforest covers most of the land, and large areas of it are flooded every year. Click here : lollipop holidays Brazil

The River Amazon runs through this basin. Over 1,100 other rivers and streams flow into the Amazon. It carries almost one-fifth of the world's fresh water. Many people believe that the Amazon basin is the hottest part of Brazil. But this is not true. Its climate is constant, with rain every month and an average temperature of 27 C all year.

Guianan Highlands The Guianan Highlands run along the northern edge of Brazil. The area is partly forested and partly arid land. It includes Brazil's tallest mountain, Pico da Neblina (3,014 m). The region has distinct wet and dry seasons. The water level in the Varzea area of the Flooded Forest rises and falls by 13 m between the wet and dry seasons. The Great Escarpment meets the coast at Rio de Janeiro. At this point; mountains stand right on the edge of the sea.

River Plate basin: The River Plate basin is in southern Brazil and carries on into Paraguay and Argentina. It includes the Pantanal wetland. This area is less heavily forested than the Amazon basin and has more open grassland. There is a big contrast between the seasons here: winter temperatures fail below 0 C and summer temperatures reach 40 C. 

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